Microneedling is a treatment for reducing wrinkles, lifting, toning and improving the smoothness of the facial skin.It improves the healing of wounds, acne scaring, stretch marks and Alopecia. Results are visible 24 hours after and remain visible for several weeks. For maximum results we recommend the procedure is repeated 3 times 10 to 14 days apart.

The treatment starts with the application of patented Phi Microneedling Solution to the skin’s surface. Tiny micro-punctures are made by a hand needle device for the most prominent wrinkles then the Phi Needle Pen system is then used for the wider facial skin areas.
The Micro needles penetrate the skin during a painless procedure to allow deeper penetration of the solution stimulating the fibroblasts to produce more collagen for younger looking skin.

After the treatment, an Ultimate Skin Cocktail is supplied for home care with detailed after and home care instructions. Correct aftercare application is of great importance. Following complimentary consultation, your skin will be analysed and your treatment planned. We require you to complete consent and media record forms, pre and post treatment requirements are discussed and any questions answered.

Facial Microneedling
Included aftercare ultimate skin cocktail. Multiple appointments must be booked 2 weeks apart.
90 minute single treatment
Course of 3 £400
Course of 6 £800
Body Microneedling
Treatments for the neck, décolletage, arms, back, legs, abdomen and specialist body, scars or spots.
Single treatment 90 to 120 minutes.
Course of 3 £575
Course of 6 £1000
Hair Growth Microneedling
Single treatment 60 minutes
Course of 3 £275
Course of 6 £550